Accident Victims Are Calling On Injury Lawyers In WILMETTE

For decades, Makarone Law Firm has worked as a team in WILMETTE who is fully dedicated in representing individuals that have been hurt in accidents due to the negligence of others. Our dedication to personal injury victims and our professional energy means that our firm of Illinois personal injury professionals fights tirelessly for the injured to receive their rightful compensation.

We understand the impact of personal injuries

Our years of experience means that we understand the impact a personal injury can have on a person. We have seen many times how a serious injury is overwhelming and how it impacts the injured person in the days and weeks following the accident as they try to wrap their mind around what just happened to them.

The whole process of dealing with the accident is a challenge. There are physical issues, emotional turmoil and often shock to deal with. Individuals who have been injured in an accident caused by another person can barely get through the injury and the beginnings of treatment, never mind trying to file a complicated personal injury claim within the required period of time.

You may be tempted to take whatever settlement is initially offered just to get that part of the whole process connected to the accident over and done with. At Makarone Law Firm we vehemently suggest you do not do that. You may not yet know the full extent of internal and external injuries especially TBI, after an accident and it can take time for this to be fully investigated and if these injuries can have a debilitating or long-term effect.

Insurance companies know this and will often pressure victims of serious accidents to settle immediately for much less than what their claim is work. They do this to save their companies money and to reduce the damages that insurance company is obligated to pay. We suggest that you immediately seek the help of an experienced injury lawyer. Do not be swayed by the insurance companies who may claim they are working in your best interests. They are not. A personal injury lawyer, however, is working in your best interests. Makarone Law Firm will ensure you are not taken advantage of by insurance companies.

Caring Team of Injury Lawyers

Personal injury law can be lucrative. There’s no point dancing around the issue. There are lawyers and firms who see a person who has been injured as a source of money to fill their bank accounts. They do not see that individual as a human being, a person with needs and emotions. It also means that there will be lawyers who claim they will do a good job representing you but who are not, ultimately, concerned about your best interests.

Makarone Law Firm is committed to the health, well-being and long-term compensation of each of our clients. Every one of the lawyers and support staff in our firm have committed themselves to the ethical and trustworthy representation of our clients. We approach each case as a team allowing our clients to benefit from the many combined years of experience of highly skilled lawyers.

We understand that in your current condition as you battle out your injuries, filing a claim might be difficult but we know how important it is to safeguard the evidences and taking the witnesses statements as this is lost with time. That is why we can come to you wherever you are recuperating and discuss your rights and best interests. Regardless of whether you need us to come to the hospital or the house, we’ll be there as per your convenience.

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Our legal team in WILMETTE has ample experience in litigation and sitting at the negotiations table, with a variety of personal injury cases, including slip and fall incidents, product liability suits, motorcycle accidents, dog attacks, car accidents pedestrian collisions, and more. There isn’t a type of personal injury case we have not dealt with. This means that you can feel confident that our firm has the experience and skill to deal your case with ease. Our team advocates aggressively on your behalf and works to settle your claim as quickly as possible without sacrificing your compensation.