Spinal Cord Injuries

An accident can be responsible for a range of injuries that can range from minor to serious. Serious injuries have the biggest impact on a person and can negatively impact their lives in ways the victim may have never dreamed was possible. Those who experience spinal cord injuries often suffer the after effects of the accident for a lifetime. In most cases it leads to disabilities and paralysis.

The injuries to the spinal cord have such an impact on a person’s life that they are generally treated as catastrophic. This is because they most often cause limited motor functions, chronic pain, serious permanent disability and a significant change to the person’s life who has suffered the injury.

While there isn’t much good news with this type of injury, victims can take comfort in knowing that there is a team of experienced lawyers in Illinois, who will aggressively fight for your rights and legally represent you. With the help of Makarone Law Firm, you can take the first steps to reclaiming your life.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are permanent and will impact a person’s entire life. Often these types of injuries require extensive medical care and therapies for the injured person and their loved ones. From coping with weeks to months in the hospital to long term rehabilitation and poor chances of complete recovery, the financial impact of spinal injuries is devastating for the whole family. At Makarone Law Firm, we understand the frustration and pain that not just the accident victim but his or her whole family undergoes after an accident and injury diagnosis.

Now that you know how fault is determined in personal injury cases, you and your personal injury lawyer can work on drafting the personal injury case or claim that will win you the settlement that you want and need. It’s important to protect your right to a personal injury claim by not postponing filing one so long that you miss out on the statute of limitations.

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