Product Liability

We live in a consumer driven society. Even those who may be more frugal need to buy some items. That means every day, people shop for various goods. People shop for them and assume that what they have purchased is safe to be used since it’s been tested and validated. Usually, that’s the case. Especially in Illinois which has stringent laws on defective products and product liability. These laws are set in place to protect the average person by making sure distributors, retailers and manufacturers only sell products that are reliable and safe for the public to use.

However, we live in a global economy. Many products are now being imported from all over the world. Sometimes this is done to make the manufacturing of products cheaper. While this can reduce the costs of certain products, the risk is that such products don’t confirm to the safety standards set out by Illinois.

At Makarone Law Firm, our team has many years of experience representing personal injuries due to defective products and are specialists at product liability cases.

Understanding Product Liability

Product liability is a legal term that means that manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of the goods or products you buy from their locations are liable for what happens to people and their property when they use these products. Under Illinois law, these parties are required to properly label a product if it could pose a risk or cause damage. If they don’t properly label the product, or the product malfunctions or is defective, these parties are legally required to pay for the medical bills, injuries and any pain or suffering you experienced as a result of using those products.

There is no excuse for defective or mislabeled products in Illinois. Often defective or mislabeled products are the result of a distributor, retailer or manufacturer cutting corners. Any party that does that needs to held legally liable for the cost cutting corners. If you’ve been injured by a defective or mislabeled product, you may be able to file for personal injury compensation. The only way to have a successful product liability personal injury claim is by hiring Makarone Law Firm that is skilled in product liability claims.

The Necessity of Proving your Claim

Like most personal injury claims, the claim is rarely as straightforward as it appears to be on the surface. It can be difficult to prove liability for a product especially if you don’t have a skilled lawyer representing you.

Simply saying the product was the reason for the hurt or an injury will not be enough in a personal injury claim. Proof is required. It needs to be shown how the product was malfunctioning or was defective, and this needs to be done with experts knowledgeable in state mandatory safety standards. Call us today and we’d like to help you get the damages for your injuries.

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