Motor Vehicle Accidents

At Makarone Law Firm, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible to begin your injury claim ... Know more

Motorcycle Accidents

Makarone Law Firm is a firm dedicated to fighting for the rights of victims while treating those impacted ... Know more

Car Accidents

Here are some steps to protect your settlement after you have been injured in a car accident. .... Know more

Pedestrian Accidents

We specialize in pedestrian collisions and have the training and the experience to navigate the maze of filing ... Know more

Slip and Fall Accidents

When you work with Makarone Law Firm, we can ensure that we will maximize your claim you need to pay for your recovery ... Know more

Dog Bites

The dog bites and attacks can sometimes cause mental and physical injuries to the victim that was attacked .... Know more

Animal Attacks

Be sure to talk to a personal injury lawyer who is experienced in animal attack cases. Makarone Law Firm, has this experience .... Know more

Orthopedic Injuries

Determining compensation for orthopedic injuries is one of the more complex types of personal injury suits .... Know more

Product Liability Injuries

We live in a consumer driven society. Even those who may be more frugal need to buy some items. eople shop for them ... Know more

Public Transit Accidents

With such a large population of people like in Illinois, public transit becomes one of the main forms .... Know more

Spinal Cord Injuries

An accident can be responsible for a range of injuries that can range from minor to serious. Serious injuries .... Know more

Traumatic Brain Injuries

We understand that if you are at this page, you must be worried and stressed about the havoc created in your .... Know more
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