Park Ridge Personal Injury lawyer in Illinois

There’s a lot of shock experienced when you or a loved one has been injured in an accident that was caused by the reckless behavior of someone else. There may be lots of conflicting thoughts going through your mind as you deal with the pain and the physical consequences of the injury. You may also be concerned about the legalities, your financial future and how you are going to prove that the accident was not your fault.

Never represent or side with insurance companies

Predatory insurance companies know that after a serious accident is a confusing and difficult time for the injured person and the people they love. They use this confusing time to pressure the acceptance of a settlement with a lower payout than the injured person should receive. Insurance companies are most interested in their stakeholders and their profits. They will fulfill their legal obligation to provide some sort of settlement, but not any more than the minimum they need to offer.

Since insurance companies do not have the best interests of the injured party in mind, it is important that anyone injured in a serious accident seek qualified, competent and ethical personal injury lawyers to make sure they are not being taken advantage of. You want to make sure you have a lawyer whose main concern is to represent you and protect you from the selfish acts of other people, businesses, and insurance companies.

Working with Makarone Law Firm

Finding the type of qualified, competent and ethical lawyer in Park Ridge who will protect you can be a task almost as daunting as going through the treatments connected with your injury. There are many personal injury lawyers, who will say they can take on your claim. They may promise you the world in order to get your business, but may not have the experience and skills to fulfill those promises.

The financial future depends on the negotiations our personal injury lawyer can work through to get you the best settlement. Insurance companies and opposing parties will never volunteer to pay any more than they are legally mandated to pay. For this reason, it’s very important that the personal injury lawyer in Park Ridge you choose is able to represent your interests.

But how do you find this type of lawyer when each firm will promise that they are the ones who can help you? At Makarone Law Firm, we recommend you to look up any lawyer you’re considering to represent you. Make sure that the firm you consider has experience, skill and expert reviews. A firm experienced in personal injury law will be able to provide you with many former client referrals. One of the best ways to find out about a firm is to hear from the people who the firm represented.

A legitimate firm experienced in all aspects of personal injury laws and claims will have built a reputation for doing so. They should not charge for a consultation and should work on a contingency basis. Makarone Law Firm does. We don’t get paid until you receive your settlement.

Additionally, we have a wide range of experience in personal injury cases, litigating and negotiating for clients who have been injured in motorcycle accidents, car accidents, slip and fall incidents, product liability cases and public transit accidents. The team at Makarone Law Firm is confident we can meet your legal representation needs.

With considerable experience in all arenas of personal injury, Makarone Law Firm will ensure that you get the advantage of our years of experience. We’d like you to know that we do not have hourly charges or charge upfront fees. To ease your financial burden, we charge on contingency basis, wherein you only pay us a part of settlement only when we win it for you.

Initial consultation free

We understand how difficult it is at this time when you are trying to recoup from your injuries and the impending court case looms large. That is why we help you focus on your injuries while we shoulder the burden of your claim. Irrespective of whether we negotiate a fair settlement or litigate on your behalf, we will get you the justice you deserve. Get your initial consultation absolutely FREE. Call us now.