Palatine Personal Injury lawyer in Illinois

When you leave for work, you have no idea how your day will end. You may have no issues and return home safely; you may be involved in a car accident or even a slip and fall accident at work. People get injured every day and in many different ways. Sometimes the injuries are just mild and you can return back to work in a day or two while other times it can be severe, or even fatal. At Makarone Law Firm, we know that when you are involved in an accident that results in a personal injury, you should be entitled to some type of compensation. And that is where we step in. It is best to call us and work with our expert personal injury lawyer in PALATINE to represent you in your case.

Liable for Negligence

In the world today, when you have an injury that is direct result of someone acting in a negligent way or because of negative behavior, there are legal options to choose in order to determine how and if any compensation is due to you. When we represent your rights, Makarone Law Firm’s legal team will take your case and build up a case to help you get the most out of your accident.

While you are concentrating on your recovery, as your injury lawyer, we will be calling up witnesses, checking law enforcement and insurance reports. We will talk to your medical professional assigned to your care as well as rehabilitation to put you back on track. We have our own team of medical professionals in all aspects that we can consult with to ensure that your injuries are treated in the best manner.

Damages for Catastrophic injuries

Some injuries are catastrophic. With a complete spinal cord injury, the person experiences complete loss of function and communication as the spinal cord is damaged. This means there is complete paralysis below the injury. An incomplete spinal cord injury results in some loss of function but not complete paralysis. Same goes for brain injuries. These injuries can be life altering and are usually compensated for the maximum amount as the current and future treatment and rehabilitation can run into hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Practice Areas In The Legal Context

There are several types of personal injury cases that a Makarone Law Firm will take on. These personal injury cases include:

  • public transit accident injuries
  • motorcycle accident injuries
  • catastrophic injuries
  • dog bites
  • motor vehicle accident injuries
  • pedestrian accident injuries
  • traumatic brain injuries
  • slip and fall injuries

When hiring a personal injury lawyer, determine which one is right to represent you in court by looking at their representation history. Make sure that they have the experience you need to represent you in the best way. As your lawyer, soon after your accident happens, we will want to start gathering information for your case immediately. We will want to start by requesting copies of your hospital visit in PALATINE.

Call Makarone Law Firm today

We will contact the law enforcement and request a copy of their report on your accident. The same report should be obtained by the emergency services, such as an ambulance if you needed one. When you consult with us, you can present us with a copy of all your papers so that we can begin working your case for you.

We are here to support you and shoulder the burden of the injury claim so that you can relax and focus on getting well and putting your life together again. Call us today to schedule a FREE initial consultation with our lawyers.