Orthopedic Injuries

The more serious an injury experienced in a personal injury accident, the more important it is to get excellent legal representation to help recoup some of the costs of getting treatment.

At Makarone Law Firm, we have experience in all types of personal injury. Though we represent all accident cases, but one of the major areas of expertise are serious injuries like orthopedic injuries. We recognize that orthopedic injuries can have a lifelong negative impact on the victims and we want to help those who have suffered this type of injury as the result of someone else’s recklessness or negligence in Illinois.

Makarone Law Firm works hard to make sure that you and other accident victims we represent receive the support and financial compensation they need to get necessary medical care as long as they need to recover.

Orthopedic Injuries are painful

There is no way to downplay the seriousness of an orthopedic injury. This type of extremely serious injury can be caused by different types of accidents, and sometimes in types of accidents a person may not think would cause orthopedic injuries.

Recovery from orthopedic injuries can be fast, lasting just a few months. Or there may be no recovery since the person is diagnosed as permanently disabled. Even those who are able to recover a little from the afflicted injuries, experience varying levels of chronic pain, stiffness, chronic pain, limited motion and the risk of future medical conditions such as arthritis. It is common for someone who has experienced an orthopedic injury to be unable to work as they once did. They may no longer be able to support themselves or their families. Even simple recreational activities can be impacted in such a way that the injured person is no longer able to enjoy their life in the same way.

Taking all this into consideration, it can be difficult to put a dollar value on orthopedic injuries. Doing so requires the skill of orthopedic injury experts. At Makarone Law Firm, we have access to those professionals and liberally lean on their experience in helping determine the best financial compensation package for you and your unique situation.

Claim Damages For Orthopedic Injuries

Determining compensation for orthopedic injuries is one of the more complex types of personal injury suits. Our team of lawyers have the years of experience to handle such cases and pool in their resources to ensure that all aspects are considered in your case. Contact us today for free consultation at whatever location is most convenient for you in your current injured state.

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