Niles Personal Injury lawyer in Illinois

When you are involved in an accident and received an injury, chances are you have been home recovering and not able to work. Even one week without an income could have a negative impact on your life. In addition, you are dealing with the injury as well as the pain associated with it. The bills start piling up at home and you still can't go back to work. This is all a result of negligent behavior of someone else.

At Makarone Law Firm, we know that many people who receive an injury due to someone else acting negligent or reckless doesn't realize that they may be able to pursue a claim for compensation for their injuries. A personal injury case not only helps the victim to pay medical expenses but it can also allow for other expenses so you can stay in your home and pay your bills while you are healing. When you have been injured due to someone's recklessness, you may want to hire a personal injury lawyer. And that is why contacting Makarone Law Firm becomes imminent.

Pending expenses call for a damage claim

We know that when the medical bills and hospital expenses begin to add up as injury can require a lengthy stay in the hospital. The medical treatment received could be extremely hard to pay out of your own pocket. If you are unable to return back to your normal life, then you need help. You will want to file your claim as soon as you notice that the bills are piling up. Don’t hesitate but call us. We’ll help you file for damages and help you get back your life back on track.

Makarone Law Firm understand that if your injury is so bad that you cannot return to work for a while then you may need to consider filing a lawsuit against the individual that caused the injury to you that took you off work. A personal injury claim will not only include past income loss, it will also account for present and future estimated costs. You will not only receive the compensation for your injury and recovery but we can also make sure that your employer does not penalize you for being off work.

If you are unsure about what to do or how to pay for any medical bills that are coming into your home, then you may want to work with us to represent you. When you are injured, you are probably also in pain which means that you don't have the mental state to sit down and come up with a magical way to pay the bills, nor can you physically go back to work and make the money needed to pay your bills.

Don’t try to represent your case alone

In some cases, you may think that with the help of family and friends and the internet, you can represent yourself after filing a claim. Things can take a turn on you that you may not be prepared for and that means that the defendant could be the one that wins the case in Niles.

When you work with us, it means that you are trusting Makarone Law Firm to represent you and use our experience to work for you. Our personal injury lawyer in Illinois will meet with you to hear your case. Then we will begin immediately collecting evidence, viewing scene reports by law enforcement as well as emergency services that were called. Our legal team will view medical records, talk to medical experts, and rehabilitation specialist to determine what happened and if you are receiving the best care possible in Illinois.

Makarone Law Firm will help you file your claim and prepare for your day in court. We know that you will need assistance in dealing with insurance companies and we will do everything that includes talking to the defendant in the case. At our legal firm, the sole aim is to ensure that you are taken care of and compensated fairly for the injuries sustained. We cannot make the injury go away, but we can help ensure that you receive compensation for lost wages and your pain and suffering. Call us today and let’s discuss your case.