FAQ’s For Makarone Law Firm

We know that if you or a loved one has been in an accident recently; the anguish and pain is unexplainable. Yet, our team of compassionate lawyers understand your situation and are ever willing to assist you through the process to claim compensation. In most cases, the accident victims with varying levels of injuries are unaware of their rights. Thus, we have put together a short guide on the FAQs we get:
Well, you are eligible to be compensated for the damages after the accident if you are not liable for accident. Additionally, the damages that you are entitled to are – Economic damages which includes hospital and treatment costs (current and future), loss of employment and wages and other tangibles. The other category of damages is awarded for non-economic damages. It is difficult to put a dollar amount on the stress and mental trauma that an injured individual endures apart from loss of quality of life.
In case you were injured in an auto accident, you can file for PIP or Personal Injury Protection. While if you were injured at a workplace related accident, you are eligible for disability benefits. Let one of our lawyers from Makarone Law Firm discuss your concerns and answer your queries, so you have a better understanding about it.
Legally, you can do that but it is not a recommended decision to take as injury claims aren’t easy to handle on your own. Litigating an injury claim requires a certain level of legal education and experience which most individuals lack. If you have large claim at stake, it is best to call Makarone Law Firm and let one of our lawyers handle it for you. There is no reason to put your compensation at risk and lose it, due to lack of legal knowledge or counsel.
Personal injury claims have a timeline under the Statute of Limitations. This gives you a certain amount of time to wait before you decide to sue. In Illinois, you have 2 years within which you can file a claim. It is best to discuss your case with one of our lawyers and let us help you in filing a claim, as it is a complex procedure.
It is important to speak with one of our experienced lawyers for more information. They will look over the details of your case, evaluate the merits of it and determine if you are entitled for damages. Additionally, if needed our lawyers can file for damages on your behalf against the at-fault party.

We will determine your injury from every possible angle in order to make sure you are protected and get the best compensation package possible. Our legal team works with clients and help them get the damages that they truly deserve.

With years of experience in helping accident victims get justice and the entitled compensation, we are dedicated to helping each client we represent. If you have more questions, contact Makarone Law Firm today and let us help you. For a free initial consultation, schedule an appointment and discuss your case with our legal team.

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