Cicero Personal Injury lawyer in Illinois

The whole process of filing a claim for damages can be confusing and overwhelming. Not only are you, as the victim, trying to recover from your injuries. But you’re often given conflicting advice or dealing with unscrupulous lawyers and insurance companies that thrive on misleading accident victims. During a stressful time like after you’ve been hurt in a personal injury, it can be confusing to understand your rights and how to go about the legal process. It can be hard to know what you can or should do in order to protect your rights.

It's important to realize that now all personal injury firms are created equal. Some will have lawyers of varying experience levels. Some firms may even have lawyers, who though smart and innovative, may not have any experience or limited experience with personal injury law. There are even some personal injury firms that are only in the business for the money. This means they are motivated solely by finances and don’t care much for the feelings and needs of the victims. These types of firms are frustrating for the personal injury firms that do care about the clients they serve. Greedy personal injury firms also give the industry and all lawyers in this field a bad reputation.

Cicero in Illinois has its fair share of disreputable personal injury firms. This is because there is a significant amount of personal injuries that occur annually. Not only is the area a popular tourist destination, there are also some challenging weather conditions that makes the chance of accidents higher.

It's important to make sure you choose a good personal injury firm to represent you if you’ve been injured by the reckless or careless or negligent behavior of another person. Our firm, Makarone Law Firm, has excellent lawyers and their support staff who are determined to support and protecting the rights of the accident victims in Cicero, Illinois.

Some situations can be a challenge to navigate. Some of these injuries can cause significant physical damage. Multiple fractures. Concussions. If you’re a victim, a personal injury lawyer can evaluate the situation surrounding the fall to evaluate the worth of your case, and ensure that you get the full value of what the case is worth.

Need for a good lawyer

The process to choosing a lawyer to represent you can be a difficult process. The decision is not going to be an easy one to make because of the potential of it having an impact on your future life. Here are some tips to making sure you choose a personal injury lawyer in Cicero who will represent you in the way that you should be represented.

  • Get specifics during the consultation. Find out how their fee payments work. Find out what they estimate on winning as part of the compensation and why. Be wary of false promises or claims of getting you unrealistic sums of money.
  • Make sure your lawyer cares about the clients he or she serves. You’ll be able to tell quick enough if a lawyer is in the field exclusively for their personal financial gain.
  • Select a lawyer who has experience in personal injury claims.

Treatment for devastating injuries is extremely expensive so it is important for the financial well-being of the victim to ensure they get skilled legal representation that will fight to make sure they get adequate personal injury compensation. The level of difficulty it takes to settle a case is not always known at the beginning of a case, and sometimes what seems to be a simple case can turn into one of the more complex personal injury cases. That is where we step in with our years of experience and proven track record of winning millions of dollars as compensation for our clients in Illinois.

We are confident that you will find that Makarone Law Firm is your choice. Do not take any lawyer suggestions from an insurance company. In fact, we recommend you don’t speak with the insurance company until you get a personal injury lawyer. Allow us to represent your rights and seek justice on your behalf. Call us today to schedule an appointment and your first consultation is FREE.