Illinois Personal Injury Lawyer to Bring Justice

When someone has been hurt or left with multiple injuries due to a mishap that is caused by the careless behavior of another person, the injured person is eligible to receive money to cover the cost of the life changing pain and suffering they endure. These damages can be physical or psychological. If you’ve been injured in these circumstances, a personal injury lawyer in Carol Stream can help. At Makarone Law Firm, our legal team will work to ensure your rights are represented while filing a claim, and we will work hard to make sure you have the legal representation you deserve in Illinois

Sometimes lawyers are looked down upon as being dishonest and unfair. This is not the case with Makarone Law Firm. Our firm protects your rights by representing you at the court and negotiating table. But we do more than that. In the first consultation, our skilled lawyers will look over the case details and evaluate the merits of the case and file for damages. If you do, and you choose us as the team to represent you, we will aggressively represent you. Generally, we try to keep cases out of court since court cases are costly and take a long time. However, if it is in your best interests, we are more than willing to represent you in court or sit at the negotiating table to reach an out of court settlement.

File your claim with legal guidance

One of the most overlooked aspect of a claim is case management. It’s not glamorous, but it is essential during the pre-litigation process. Our lawyer in Carol Stream and the network of support staff are excellent at case management. We have years of experience in this area, and are completely conversant with the litigation process.

It is important to have a lawyer who is effective at case management. A poorly managed personal injury claim often results in the client being unfairly compensated. A lawyer with good case management experience is better equipped to advise a client properly and provide good advice as to what action should be taken.

Calculating the rightful damages

Figuring out the amount of money you’re entitled to receive for the injuries you’ve experienced can be very complex. It becomes even more complicated when dealing with insurance companies who are more concerned about their loss of profits than the health and well being of the victim. Insurance companies will use a variety of tactics, tricks and strategies to protect the company profits and reduce the amount of settlement you, as the victim, receives. Makarone Law Firm, your personal injury lawyer in Illinois, and their legal team, have your best interests in mind and will fight for a fair settlement for you.

We know how much you and your family are suffering and that is why if you are in Carol Stream, we are here to represent your claim irrespective of whether we negotiate or litigate in front of the judge and jury, we’ll ensure that you get justice and the rightful damages. Our Illinois legal team understands the financial crisis in your life right now, so don’t worry about upfront legal fees because we work on contingency basis and will only charge you if we win you the deserved compensation. Thus, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our initial appointment and session to discuss your case is free wherein we’ll evaluate and judge the merits of your case. Based on that we’ll guide you through the complete process and represent on your behalf with the law enforcement agencies and insurance companies.

Litigation in Court

When you have Makarone Law Firm representing you, you can be assured that your rights are represented. That is our top priority. If your case goes to trial, we are skilled and ready to argue for you in front of a jury or judge. You will not be at an insurance company’s mercy. You will not be alone. You will have someone on your side who has many years’ experience fighting against insurance companies and their lawyers. Contact us today to find out how our firm can help you.