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An unexpected accident can be shocking and disorienting. That is what happens to most people in Illinois that may be going about their lives like they normally do and suddenly become unexpectedly injured in accidents. Oftentimes, the injuries are minor leading to limited inconveniences. Other injuries alter a person’s life forever and can lead to hospitalization for few weeks or months or they may be disabled for life.

It's important for anyone who had been injured in a serious and unexpected accident caused by another person to get legal representation. At Makarone Law Firm, we know what to do when someone has hurt you through negligent or careless or reckless behavior. Our firm is dedicated to helping the injured accident victims and have years of experience representing their claims.

We only represent victims. This means we only work with those who have been injured in a personal injury accident. We are dedicated to making sure that the clients we serve receive damages for the untold misery, pain and suffering that they endured due to the aftermath of the accident caused by another person’s negligence. Makarone Law Firm has many years of experience successfully representing clients all over Illinois.

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Makarone Law Firm understands that when a person, or a loved one, has been hurt in an accident, simply experiencing the injury or watching someone you love hurt can be overwhelming. No one is ever prepared for an accident that causes such an upheaval in their life, often requiring a long and sometimes difficult recovery. Our firm has experience working with accident victims that have suffered a wide variety of personal injuries. Our experience in this field ensures that we know how to handle the aftermath of the accident and related injuries and the importance of receiving fair compensation for your injuries. If the injuries are severe enough to impact your future, we will also seek protection for your future after an accident.

While we understand that most people seek personal injury legal representation in Illinois because they either want or need money to pay for treatment of the injuries they’ve received, our firm’s commitment to our client’s goes beyond financial. Our lawyers will let you know exactly what is going on with your case and where in stands through all steps of the process. Call us today and let us help you start with the process to claim the damages you are entitled to.

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